ViRa HighEnd is a multi-national business venture comprised of High End enthusiasts, audio engineers and audio professionals from the USA, Switzerland, Lithuania, Russia and Japan. All founders of Vira High End have been in Audio business for 30-40 years. The multi- cultural experience benefits the product line and allows to test the products in different listening environments.
ViRa HighEnd has close ties consulting and help from many premier High End Audio manufacturers such as Reed, Jakutis, Namiki, Adamant, MONOlight, Suzhou Emould Precision Machinery Co.Ltd., Hexpol Compounding. We personally thank Koh Moriwaki,  Roman Koltun, Vidmantas Triukas, Jonas Jakutis, Aidis Svarcas, Andrey Chizov, Lonoy Zhang, Jack Xing,  Victor and Ramziia Simakov for their contribution.
The international production combines the precision craftsmanship of Switzerland with modern technological products of Japan, genius of Lithuanian engineering and aviation materials from Russia not to proudly  mention final production assembly in the USA.
Vira High End will bring new, demos and used analog product for sale in the USA and around the world. Please browse through and help us become better.​​

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