VPI HW-19 turntable ET-2 tonearm

VPI HW-19 turntable with Eminent Technology air tangent ET-2 tonearm for sale.
The table is in very good operational and cosmetic condition. It comes with dust cover. All clean and neat. The pictures are a bit blurry, but in fact it looks much nicer. The table bearing is silent motor holds the speed well. The ET tonearm is on of the best air tangent arms produced.

Sell: $1350

Table weight is $50 Lb packed Shipping inside USA and foreign countries. Will be shipped in 2 boxes.

VPI HW-19 turntable Well Tempered tonearm

VPI HW-19 heavily upgraded. New platter, plinth damping heavy led isolation, Well Tempered tonearm. The table is in good operational and cosmetic condition. Cover is clean- needs usual little buffing. When ship- will drain silicone from well- you need to get your own supply. Plenty of silicone on ebay and net- $5-$10 top. 

Sell: $1050

Table weight is $50 Lb packed Shipping inside USA and foreign countries. Will be shipped in 2 boxes.
 Nottingham Space turntable Dual Nottingham tonearms 9" and 12"
Nottingham Space turntable for sale. The table has 2 original Nottingham tonearms. The side arm is 12 inch, the back arm is 9 inch. The original Descadel silver inner wiring are on both arms. Both arms sounding superb. The platter is original heavy with damping rings. The bearing is on of the best in business. Everything works and acts as it should. The table is in Near Mint condition.
The table will be shipped double boxed worldwide. Shipping weight is 65Lb or 32kg. Expect proper charges.

Sell: $3200
The table will be shipped double boxed worldwide. Shipping weight is 65Lb or 32kg. Expect proper charges. USA will ship FedEx Ground or UPS Ground $75-$120. International shipping in 2 boxes with USPS priority. Flat $170
  PRO - Ject RPM-5 gold color

Pro-Ject RPM -5 turntable for sale.
This has carbon tonearm. Everything works and up to specs.

Sell: $900

The package weights 28 Lb. Will ship worldwide. USA shipping is $40-$60 International shipping is $120-$160.
Canada shipping about the same as USA.
 MONOlite NS turntable Dynavector 505 tonearm

MONOlite NS turntable prototype that was designed by Vira USA for Italian company MONOlite. 50 turntables were made and sold worldwide. The selling price was $45,000 US equivalent.
The table shown and sold with Dynavector DV-505 tonearm, but could accommodate up to 14" long arm of your choice.

Sell: $3700 with the DV-505 arm
or     $3000 without the arm

Table weights 80 Lb/37kg packed



Graham Phantom arm wand 9"

Tonearm wand for Graham Phantom  in perfect operational and cosmetic condition. This is ceramic 9". It was mounted once, but no cartridge was placed on it yet. 
It is basically NOS new item.

New: $1399

Sell: $450

Shipping inside USA is $10. Shipping anywhere in the world $37
  Graft / Micro Seiki carbon fiber 13 inch Descadel wires 

 The arm was fitted on my table directly to RCA plugs I can use cables of my choice. I purchased the arm for Italian custom MONOlite table 5 years ago and used it in and out for at least half a year. Out of the closet and quite dusty as you can see. The table is gone and no need for arm now. 

 The arm is great tracker, very quiet and has sound stage wider than any of the arms I've heard. When I first installed it I got the impression that some of the instruments are playing on my balcony and in a hallway. I actually experimented opening the balcony and close to see how it changes the sounds.

I have box, but no base or papers or original cable. 

 Sell: $999

Shipping inside USA is $30 Shipping anywhere in the world $65
Grace G-707 Quad-master tonearm

Grace G-707 Quad-master tonearm in 9 inch length with box and cables. The arm, box and cables are in perfect operational and cosmetic condition.

Sell: $300

Shipping inside USA is $15.  Shipping anywhere in the world $43.
Rega RB 2500  upgraded cables / WBT connetors

Rega RB 250 tonearm in 9 inch length with upgraded $350 cables / WBT RCA connectors. The arm, cables are in perfect operational and cosmetic condition.

Sell: $250

Shipping inside USA is $15. Shipping anywhere in the world $47
  PRE-Audio ASP-1501 air-tangent tonearm NEW

ASP-1501 air-tangent tonearm by Pre-audio. This is one of the best constructed tonearm in this category. It is complete with pump. The construction is very clever and ergonomic. No other arms use air inside the sliding sleeve. Usually air goes into the main shaft. The arm is silent and good tracker. I have Ferrari Red and Silver Grey left. The black was sold already. The arm complete with all tubes, manuals, pump and all original packaging.

Sell: $1100

The package weights 15kg (30 Lb) Will ship worldwide. USA shipping is $40-$60 International shipping is $120-$160.
Canada shipping about the same as USA.



Columbia/Denon   8g              $60

Fidelity Research RS-121 12g     $140

JVC / Victor L-11XG 10g      $30

Supex SL-5 12.8g      $50

Sony XL-55 custom 20.5g     $60

Ortofon LH-2000  magnesium15.5g   $50  

Onzow Cameo   8.2g      $110

Technics SH-100S  10.7g      $90

Yamaha HS-11S   14g      $110

Fidelity Research FR-S/3 new
​17.9 g      $170 each

Orsonic AV-101s      $95   SOLD

Pioneer Elite   18 g      $120    SOLD

Jewltone Magnesium MG-704J   10 g      $60

Sony SH-145 10.85g      $50  

Sony SH-120B 12.5g      $50  

Yamaha HS-600B 13.5g      $50  

Yamaha HS-300S 8.85g      $70  

Ortofon LH-5000B 13.5g      $50  

Dynavector DV-2C 16g      $175   

Koetsu Rosewood 12.5g      $150  SOLD

PhaseTech CS-1 15g      $129   

SonySH-165 12.5g      $75   SOLD


Phono Cables

Purist Audio Design Maximus  DIN-RCA     
Sell:  $475 
Maximus by Purist Audo phono cable Din-RCA 1m (3.5 ft).
MSRP: $1650

Mob Squad / Cardas phono box    $120
Mob Squad phono cable box. DIN to RCA female.  Accepts any RCA cables.
Perfect condition.
MSRP $??

Sell: $120

Dynavector DV-505  DIN to RCA
Dynavector DV-505 phono cable 3ft. DIN to RCA with ground cable.
Perfect condition NEW.

MSRP $400 

Sell: $100

Wireworl GE  DIN to RCA   
Wireworld GE phono cable 2.5ft . DIN to RCA with ground cable with original locking CMC  connectors.
Very good condition.

MSRP $900

Sell: $175

  Yamaha balanced cable  DIN to XRL    

Yamaha balanced phono cable 4ft. DIN to XLR with ground cable.
Very good condition.
MSRP  $???  

Sell: $150

Discwasher Gold   RCA to RCA     

Discwasher Gold phono cable 1M (3ft). RCA to RCA with ground cable. Very good condition.

MSRP $150 

Sell: $50

  Graham IC-30 Din to RCA 
Graham IC-30 phono cable 5 ft. DIN to RCA connectors.
 Perfect condition. 

$750 MSRP 

Sell: $275  

  Straight Wire  DIN to RCA   

Straight Wire 1m (3ft). DIN to RCA with ground cable attached.
Perfect condition.

MSRP $500 

Sell: $150

Graham IC-30   DIN to RCA 
Graham IC-30 phono cable 1m (3ft). DIN to RCA with ground cable. Perfect condition.

$650 MSRP  

Sell: $250

SME  III tonearm cable RCA-RCA      
SME Type III phono cable RCA-RCA 2 ft

MSRP: $300
Sell: $50


Headshell Leads

Grace HS-3 / HS-5      $15

Fidelity Research FR-S2      $15

Victor LMC-1 / LMC-4      $15

SME S-2      $15

Audiocraft  AS-2P      $15

Shelter 901       $40

Goldbug Medusa     $15

Ikeda  IS-2      $40

JVC / Victor  PH-5     $15

Dynavector  DVS-2     $40


Phono Stages

Klyne KS-1 MC phono preamplifier

Klyne KS-1 moving coil step up preamplifier is one of the best that can match any MC cartridge with versatility of input to regulate high-mid frequency bandwidth.
The preamp is in perfect operational and cosmetic condition. The original power supply and manual are included.
MSRP: $3500
Sell: $1200

Shipping is $10 inside USA; $35 around the world
Conrad Johnson / Yuka Gold PH-1 nuvistor phono preamplifier

Conrag-Johnson PH-1 MC step up Preamplifier. This one  is modyfied by Yuka Audio.
Everything original PH-1, but the shyny face plate and led isolation. The preamp is less distorted and ll protected from vibration. These nuvistors make majic and very sencitive to any shoks and even soundwaves. The result is close to 20 LB solid body MC step up preamp.

Sell: $750

Shipping is $40 inside USA; $95 around the world
N.E.W. LP-3 step up phono preamplifier

N.E.W. LP-3 tube phono preamplifier with separate power supply for sale. N.E.W.  (Nirvana Electronic Works) is California, USA company. They use many schematics from Cary Audio. This is MM  tube preamplifier. It uses 2 x 12AU7 tubes. The separate power supply does wonderful job to keep it quiet and steady. The power supply is very heavy- about 5 Lb. Stage itself is 1 lB, so expect Foreign shipping charges.

Sell: $550

Shipping is $20 inside USA; $45 around the world
McAlister Audio PH-8 MM/MC phono preamplifier
McAlister Audio PH-8 tube phono stage, for sal. The phono stage has many unique features. The MM plays straight trough. The MC section requires battery to drive. MC section-MC gain is 10,20,30 and 40 dB(of course you have MM section for additional gain and RIAA Eq),impedance is.10,33,100 and 180 Ohms.
The tubes are 2 x 6BH11 .Each tube is dual triode and pentode-hence PH-8(six tubes for MC section and 2 tubes for MM section).MM section use 2 tubes NOS 6H9C(6SL7). Sounds absolutely amazing.
The separate power supply has umbilical cord attached.

Sell: $750

Shipping is $25 inside USA; $55 around the world
  Audio Research PH2 phono preamplifier       SOLD
Audio Research PH2 phono preamplifier for sale.
 This is silver version all balanced. The PH2 is very dynamic and extended in the frequency extremes. The midrange is full and rich without excessive thickness. Tones are pure against a very quiet background.
Frequency:  10 Hz-150,000 Hz
Distortion: Less than .005% at .25 RMS 1 kHz output
Gain: 48 dB at 1 kHz MM and Mc compatible
Input Impedance: 47 kOhms (balanced)
Output Impedance : 700 (balanced)
Max. Input: 300mV
Rated Output: .25 mV
The phonostage comes with print out manual.
New: $2450
Sell: $700

Shipping is $35 inside USA; $65 around the world
Lector Phono Amplifier MM/MC
 Lector Italian made reference all tube phono preamp with separate power supply for sale. 
Reference ALL tube circuitry class A system phono preamplifier accepts moving magnet and moving coils cartridges. The phono preamplifier have two separate input selectable by user. A separate power supply provides a very low noise operation so the moving coil input have a great S/N ratio. Moving coil input have direct triode operation without the low  performance of transformer step-up device. A great moving coil gain ( 66 db) can accept cartridge as low as  0.1 mV output

The Phono Amp-System  is a complete phono RIAA with all tubes preamplifier that operate on class A without any local or total feedback circuity.  This preamplifier provide the right amplification and equalization to the RIAA standard  at the phono moving magnet and moving coil  cartridge signal. The circuity use  five tubes as  ECC 88/6922  for moving coil and two ECC-81/12AT7 for moving magnet (as passive RIAA equalization) and one ECC-81/12AT7 for output as cathode follower adaptor, all tubes are accurate selected at very low noise operation. A innovative circuity designed from engineer of Lector make  the control of the bias by optical devices and a special circuity control the cathode operation at very low noise the moving coil inputs device. It's possible to change the input resistance of  MC cartridge  by external RCA- resistor plug  for to have better interface between cartridge and input tube. 

Sell: $1800

The unit is 45Lb/20kg packed right. Shipping is worldwide. USA shipping is $80

Canary Audio MC-10 phono preamplifier NEW
Canary Audio MC-10 phono amplifier for sale. This is brand new out of the box still in the shrink wrap.
 The preamplifier is silver-gold. The MC10 employs an advanced circuitry with highest quality components to provide the extra gain stage and RIAA equalization circuitry that are required for highly accurate and low-noise reproduction of the low level output of a phonograph cartridge. The output goes directly to a line stage preamplifier. No step up needed.
The massive Power Supply utilizing three carefully selected vacuum tubes (1 x 5AR4, 1 x 6V6 and 1 x 6SL7) incorporated with a well thought out design with substantial energy storage and high inherent regulation.

The Line Stage utilizing four 12AX7 vacuum tubes and each tube is shielded to minimize interference and to reduce micro phonics. Two Sweden Lundahl step-up transformers are used in the MC gain section to provide high gain with ultra low noise that guarantees a very quiet background. Another key feature is the use of Amtrans AMRG premium carbon film resistors (with gold-plated leads) along with other premium grade components throughout the circuit to achieve exceptional RIAA accuracy. On top of that, two pair of MC inputs are available for turntable with dual tonearm.
New: $9600
Sell:  $3200

Shipping inside USA $80. Total weight packed 50Lb/23kg Worldwide shipping is available.

The PP-1 is optimized for moving coil amplification, thus does not provide switches and or jumpers for gain setting or resistive loading. This elimination of unneeded circuit junction points preserves the low noise/high performance characteristics of this superb phono preamp. 
By using only 2 transistors in each amplifier stage, perfect stability and extreme fast transient response is achieved. This provides the high degree of transparency and accuracy of the PP-1. High quality double-sided glass epoxy circuit boards with carefully designed topology (CAD) have been applied in order to ensure shortest possible signal paths. Low noise matched bipolar transistors were selected for this purpose. All resistors are high quality metal film with 1% tolerance. Within the RIAA network, only 1% polystyrene capacitors have been used, with high quality metalized plastic-film capacitors in the coupling function. 
This stage is also individually regulated with discrete transistors in a constant-load configuration. Lukaschek finds this new regulator, in conjunction with his polarity inverting RIAA filter, yields reduced distortion and a more exact implementation of the RIAA equalization curves. The increased resolution afforded by these improvements exposed previously audible artifacts due to circuit board layout.
The noticeable sound pattern stages:
·                                 Warm, tube-like tonal balance
·                                 More resolution and extension
·                                 Bass is bigger and more solid; highs are effortless, open, transparent and totally devoid of smearing.
·                                 Focus, soundstage, depth and dimensionality improvements

New: $2000
 Sell: $1100

Analog Gadgets

Satin SR-60 MC High Frequency Adaptor

The Satin SR-60 was designed  to damp out the high frequency peak that is typical of MCs.
The adaptor designed as an inductor and resistor it does seem to make the sound stage more distinct and makes high frequencies clearer. For example; the initial transient of cymbals is more distinct from the subsequent sounds, so there is a more copper sound, rather than a general high frequency rustling sound. The adaptor is made in Japan.

Sell: $80
Shipping is $8 inside USA.  $18 around the world
Final Audio Research KKC-48 Cartridge - EQ 
Final Audio Research cartridge equalizer KKC-48 for sale. This is useful devise to balance precisely any uni- pivot tonearm.
 The devise is easy to install and use. it comes with detailed instruction in English and Japanese and original boxes.
This is Japanese product.

Sell: $60
Shipping is $8 inside USA.  $18 around the world

                   LAST stylus cleaner 4       $10                                            Signet SK 301 stylus cleaner       $10

             Dedicated Audio  cable towers 8ps       $40          Wayne's Audio WS-2 reflex clamp NEW  2Lb   $160 

                                              Wayne's Audio SS-1  Periphery Ring Clamp  NEW    $500                             

Wayne's Audio Periphery Ring Clamp can accomodate 10"-12" platters. The  turntable outer ring weights 3.2 lbs (2.6 lbs without weights), made from stainless steel and is 13.3" (35 sm) in diameter.  The ring comes with 16 copper resonance-controlling inertia  weights attached underneath.  The weits have treads and easy removable if needed. Also some audiophiles wrap damping belts  around these weights.
The ring clamp comse with the centering plate,used for placing the disc to the correct position and can be used as cover to protect your outer ring and the record when not in play.

The outer ring is designed to contact a record's edges, improving coupling to the platter and effectively removing record resonance and background noise.This is a huge improvement in dynamics and low-frequency control.          

  Wayne's Audio WS-1 reflex clamp NEW  1.5Lb   $130