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New inventory information ONLY
  Fidelity Research FR MC45
Fidelity Research MC 45 phono cartridge for sale. This is low output moving coil type.
 The cartridge has 20 hours of play time; it is nearly new.
Output: 0.2mV
Loads:3-15 Ohms
Unloads:4 Ohms
Compliance: 18
Sell: $299 
  Grace F-8 Ruby top MM phono cartridge
Grace F-8 Ruby for sale. The cartridge sounds as good as famous F-9 Ruby. Not many were made and survived. This one has brand new  stylus with 0 hours.
Output  5mV (5cm / sec)
Tracks 1 to 3g (optimum 2g)
Compliance 15 × 10 -6 cm / dyne
Load resistance 30-100kΩ
Impedance 2.4kΩ / 1kHz
Weight 6.5g
Sell: $400
Kiseki Milltek Diamond  HOMC
Kiseki Milltek Diamond phono cartridge for sale. This is one of the rarest Kiseki cartridges. The cartridge is in MINT operational and cosmetic condition. It has only 30 hours on it. Te cartridge consider to be Koetsu rival with more open soundstage and less dull mids. Great detailing and bass/mid bass ratio with lush.
Output: 2.0mV
Tracks: 1.5-1.9g
Loads: 40 Ohms
Unloads: 4 Ohms
Compliance 10
Sell: $850

  Zenn MCZ Ruby NEW sealed
Zenn MCZ Ruby phono cartridge for sale. The cartridge is brand new in sealed plastic tray. with boxes and other goods.
Output: 0.2mV
Tracks: 1.6-2.0g
Loads: 2 Ohms
Unloads: 2 Ohms
Stylus: Line contact
Cantilever:  Ruby
Compliance: 10
Sell: $550
 Goldring Electro II Van Den Hul new
Goldring Electro MK II phono cartridge for sale.
This is high output moving coil type. The cartridge is new with 0 hours of play time with all boxes papers and goods.
The stylus is Van Den Hul Type II.
Output: 2.5mV
Tracks: 1.6-2.2g
Loads: 47 kOhms
Unloads: 70 Ohms
Compliance: 18
Sell: $275
  Stax CPS-40 elected condenser cartridge NOS
Very rare and collectible cartridge Stax CPS40 for sale.
These are new old stock with no hours. Please check the condition.
The cartridge comes with original boxes, specs paper and stylus guard. I list one, but have 4. Will give discount on a bundle purchase.
■ Power generation Capacitor type (RF modulation type)
■ Output voltage 1,000mV (POD-10 output)
■ Steering pressure 0.6 to 1.5g
■ Reproduction frequency band 20-20,000Hz
■ Channel separation 25dB
■ Channel balance 1dB
■ Compliance 12 × 10 -6 cm / dyne (horizontal)
■ Compliance 10 × 10 -6 cm / dyne (vertical)
■ Weight 7.5g
Sell $400

  Supex SDX 1000B boron cantilever
Supex SDX-1000B cartridge for sale. This is rare boron with line contact stylus. The cartridge has brand new cantilever/stylus done by Namiki Japan.
Output 0.2mV (3.54cm / sec 1kHz)
Tracking 1.5 to 2.1g (optimum 1.8g)
Compliance 10 × 10 -6 cm / dyne
Load resistance 2Ω or more
Internal impedance 1.5Ω

Sell: $550
 Shelter 501 MK II
LShelter 501 MK II phono cartridge for sale. This is low output MC with  boron cantilever and Shibata Type III stylus. The cartridge was demo. It has 20 hours of play time and is in MINT condition.


Output: 0.5 mV
Tracks: 1.5-1.9g
Loads: >100 Ohms
Unloads: 20 Ohms
Compliance: 10
Sell: $525

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  Sansui Sr-4030KT Mc SPU with transformer

Rare and hard to find Sansui SR-4030KT MC cartridge for sale. This marble has build in transformer.

Type: Integrated universal headshell moving coil with built in step up transformer
Output: 4mV (1kHz)
Frequency Response: 15~20000Hz
Output impedance: 1.5Kohm
Recommended load: 50kOhm
Compliance: 18x 10-6cm/dyne
Stylus pressure range: 1.5~2.0 gram
Net weight:  27.5  gram

Sell: $425

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Accuphase AC-1                               

Accuphase AC-1 phono cartridge LOMC. This is ORIGINAL cantilever/stylus with 70 hours only.
Output: 0.2 mV
Tracks: 1.5-2.0 g
Loads: 4 Ohms
Unloads: 4 Ohms
Compliance: 12

Sell $550
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 Grado Reference Master top MI
Grado Reference Master phono cartridge for sale. This is MI) type with 4.0 mV high output. It will work flawlessly with any MM phono stage. The cartridge has 200 hours of play time and in very good operational and cosmetic condition.
 The Reference Master is next in line to top Grado's model The Reference.
The cartridge comes with plastic shipping box, stylus guard and mounting screws. 
·  Imput Load 47K
·  Output at 1KHz 5CM/sec. 4.0mV
·  Recommended Tracking Force 1.5
·  Inductance 45mH
·  Resistance 475
·  Compliance CUs 20
Sell: $425
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Accuphase AC-2 new       

Accuphase AC-2 phono cartridge LOMC. This is brand new boron cantilever with Micro Ridge stylus from Namiki Japan. It is tuned up to specifications and sounding better than original.
Output: 0.2 mV
Tracks: 1.5-2.0 g
Loads: 4 Ohms
Unloads: 4 Ohms
Compliance: 12

Sell $600

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Zyx R100 / ZN
ZYX R100 phono cartridge for sale. The cartridge was Namiki Japan rebuild and has brand new original ZYX boron cantilever and stylus. 5 Hours of check play only. The cartridge comes with all boxes and goods.
Sell: $700
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  Denon DL-A100  NOS

Denon DL-A100 phono cartridge for sale. The DL-A100 issued to the 100th anniversary of the company. The cartridge is dealer's demo with 10 hours. everything is perfect.

Sell: $299

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 My Sonic Lab Eminent Ex low output MC
Eminent Ex one of the best sounding MC cartridge on the market today. My Sonic Lab uses fewer coil windings than other MC cartridges, minimizing music-robbing distortions and maximizing signal output. The cartridge is demo with 150 hours.

Internal impedance: 1.0Ω
Output voltage: 0.4mV
Compliance: 10x10-6cm/dyen
Weight: 9.5g
Recommended tracking force: 1.9-2.2g
Recommended loading: 100-800Ω (ideal is around 400Ω)

The cartridge comes with stylus guard, mounting ware,  boxes and papers.

Sell: $2,000
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Ortofon SPU AE
Rare, desirable and perfect condition Ortofon SPU AE.
 The cartridge has only 15 hours on new cantilever and Shibata type II stylus, that was done by Namiki Japan just a month ago 
   Sell:  $595
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Shure V15 type V MR with SAS boron stylus
Shure V15 V MR with SAS boron micro ridge stylus MINT- 5 hours on the stylus. Comes with Shure boxes and papers.
Sell: $425

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Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony wood              

Clearaudio Virtuoso ebony wood phono cartridge. This is brand new with 10 hours -show demo.

Sell: $375
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  Kiseki Blue Silver Spot original          SOLD
Kiseki Blue Silver Spot for sale. This is low output MC with low hours. it was used for only 200 Lps.
All is perfect with steady suspension. All checked, all up to specs.
Output: 0.4mV
Tracks: 1.5-2.2g
Loads: 50-500 Ohms
Unloads:5 Ohms
Compliance: 8
Sell: $1150
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Sumiko Pearwood Celebration MK II

Sumiko Pearwood Celebration MK II- second highest in Sumiko food chain. The cartridge is in in perfect operational and  cosmetic condition. It has 300 hours only.
 I have the original wooden box and mounting ware.

New: $2800
Sell: $750
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Sumiko Black Bird HOMC       
Sumiko Black Bird high output MC. The cartridge is dealers demo with 30-50 hours- just broken in for perfection.

Output: 0.7 mV
Tracks: 2g
Loads: 47 kOhms
Compliance: 14

Sell: $675

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Dynavector DV-10P

Dynavector DV-10P is one of the rarest Dyna cartridges with     
P-mount or  1/2 Inch mount option.
The cartridge is NOS with 5 hours of play time- fully boxed.


Output: 2.5 mV
Tracks: 1.0-1.5 g
Loads: 47 kOhms
Compliance: 30

Sell: $450

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Sony XL-45 MK II 
Sony XL-45 MK II phono cartridge for sale. This is rare integrated headshell Moving Magnet type.
The cartridge is in perfect operational and cosmetic condition. The cartridge has  original MK II stylus with 20 hour of play time. It comes with the  shipping box.
Output: 2.5 mV
Tracks: 1.8-2.0 gram
Loads: 47 kOhms
Compliance: 20
Sell $199