N.E.W. P-3 Pre Amplifier
This preamplifier is one of the best hidden treasures in High End. I've gone through dozen of these. Every time I sell one- I get straight back to purchase these if available. This is the most tunable preamp when you swap the tubes. Good tubes in and the sound is as big as some 10K+ can give. The preamp employs 2 12AX7 and  12BH7. I successfully used 12AU7, 12AT7 and all similar in between. Once again- the good tubes are the key.
USA made in mid/late 1990s

Sell: $800
Canary C800 MK II line stage preamplifier

C800 MK II line stage preamplifier for sale. The preamplifier has 5 inputs and 2 outputs to satisfy single amp or bi-amping speaker connection. The preamplifier is in perfect operational and cosmetic condition. It is 3 month old. Still in the wrapping tape. Total play time is about 50 hours.
The C800MK-II stereo preamplifier employs an advanced circuitry and high quality components to provide outstanding musical reproduction of your favorite music. Featuring an external power supply in a separate chassis to avoid undesirable electro-magnetic interference with the line stage.

Like our other products, the C800MK-II is engineered and built to provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment. The circuitry components used in the C800MK-II are carefully chosen and hand soldered on the military grade epoxy circuit boards. Even the DC power cable used to connect the line stage with the power supply was hand built by our engineers to meet our standard.
The power supply uses 2 x GZ34, 1 x 6L6, 1 x 12SL7 tubes
The line stage unit uses 4 x 6SN7 tubes.

New: $10,000
Sell:   $3,400

The 2 units are 40Lb/18kg each. Will ship worldwide. USA shipping is $100.

Power Amplifiers
Carry CAD-100S Signature edition monoblocks power amplifiers class A

Carry CAD-100 Signature edition monoblocks for sale.
Triode and pentode switchable, dual output transformers for highs and lows, each amp also has power transformer, gain selection on circuit boards for different types of 12ax7s,edisson price copper binding posts bi-wire ready. The amplifier runs 100 watts in AB pentode mode and around 40 watt in class A.

The Carry Audio CAD-100s is a basic audio Power amplifier employing two KT-88 output tubes along with one ECC/12AX7 as the provider and a 12GH7 as a passive inverter.
Cad-100 Signature offer all advantages of bi-amplification with a single mono block and eliminate disadvantages of an electronic crossover and the use of a stereo amp on each channel. The front panel meters allows to check and set the bias on the output tubes. The output transformers of CAD-100Signature is the most important part of the amplifiers and was designed specifically for Signature series. The transformers are an air-gap designed with E/L laminate, silicone impregnated and have grain oriented steel design.

The Amplifiers come with print out manual.

Circuit type: Push-pull
Output: 100watts per each monoblock
Output peak: 110.25 watts
Frequency range: 20Hz-20,000Hz +0-0.5 dB
                                 15Hz-20,000Hz +-2 dB
Input sensitivity: 1.5 volt for full output
Input impedance: 100,000 Ohms
Damping factor: >30
Weight: 35 Lb each
Dimensions: 6"H x 17"W x 12"D

Sell: $1650

Will ship worldwide. Shipping inside USA is $140-$180 with UPS Ground or FedEx Ground.
 Baron Mesa power amplifier all tube
Mesa Baron the best power amplifier on the Earth is for sale. Nothing, absolutely nothing beats this one. This uniquely designed amp has the most versatile output matching. You can make sound any phono, any pre any speaker the way your imagination and taste are asking for.
Mesa Baron Specifications:

*True dual mono, fixed bias, vacuum tube push-pull Class A/B stereo power amplifier
*Patent-Pending Tandem State Imaging circuitry: four stages of adjustable Negative Feedback ( 0dB, 2dB, 4dB, 8dB ) interface with four      selectable power tube configurations ( all pentode, all triode, 2/3 pentode + 1/3 triode, 2/3 triode + 1/3 pentode) to offer 16 sonic tuning options; affects soundstage depth and width, dynamics, frequency extension, timbral balance, speaker/amp interface - all variables can be adjusted during playback with a simple flip of a switch or the turn of knob.
*60K or 110K input impedance [ user selectable ]
*12 x 5881s output tubes, 4 x 12AX7As input/pre-driver tubes
*55W/Ch all Triode; 85 W/Ch 2/3 Triode + 1/3 Pentode; 120 W/Ch 2/3 Pentode + 1/3 Triode; 150 W/Ch full Pentode
*Separate on/off, standby and meter light switches for each channel.
*Dual power cords; separate power- and output transformers for each channel.
*Proprietary ceramic tube sockets with silver contacts.
*Rubber iso-mounted transformers for quiet operation.
*Double-sided printed circuit boards with three-ounce high- purity copper traces and glass-epoxy base with plated-thru contacts.
*Flying leads point-to-point soldering to switches, connectors and transformers; no "quick-connects" or push-on terminals.
*VU meters can be set for 150W or 15W peak to show greater deflection of needle.
*Meters are used to conveniently adjust bias and balance.
*Weight: 65 lbs /100 lbs boxed.
*Dimensions: 19" wide x 14.5" deep x 8.75" high (inches).
Sell: $2800
Will ship USA. For international shipping you need to find provider, FedEX most likely.

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   CD Players​

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  Vacuum Tubes

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