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ViRa model 3RT  is an effort to put high quality affordable radial-tangent tonearm on the market.

The ViRa tonearms are made of  solid milled aluminum. They are super compact, have zero feedback, and are non- magnetic. Each tonearm has 10 bearings to assure the smooth vertical and horizontal movement. The multiple bearings also significantly decrease the jitter caused by the vibrations of a single bearing.

The calculated geometrical configuration, proper wands length and testing assures the tangent position of a stylus to a groove is constant. The correct and constant position of a stylus gets less distortion from the inner groove. The stylus maintain longer life, the vinyl has less wear, less static interference and very low surface noise. Because of this- the soundstage becomes wider and deeper; the images are more clear and defined; tracking improves even on skipping records; warped records have less up and down image speeding.  This brings the ViRa tonearms to a new level of sound reproduction.
The Vinyl Era is far from over. It steps into a new phase of space age materials, bolder design and (unfortunately) unjustified prices. As for technology- not really many changes from the Golden Age of Vinyl. The Pivoted/Radial arms moderately priced from $100 and up are available. The arms are relatively easy to set up and maintain. The problem is that pivoted arms run into distortions. Out of 20 minutes per record side the correct signal is heard only at one point for a split millisecond. The tracking errors affect the sound signal by adding distortions. 
There are tangential arms that attempt to keep the stylus tangent to a grove at all times, but they have problem delivering the stylus to that point. Also maintenance and other obstacles keep majority of the audiophiles away. Not to mention the price tag that comes with most of the tangential arms.
There were a few attempts to combine perfect geometry of tangential arms with the simplicity of pivoted arms. We have samples from BJ, Garrard, Van Aps, Loci, and countless DIY enthusiasts. Some modern examples like Thales, KL Audio, Reed, and Funk Firm were successful, but had  $10K+ price tags. Our goal was to design and produce an affordable line of efficient radial- tangent tonearms. The ViRa arms are offered now to the general public for a price of 70-80%  less than other radial-tangent arms. 

Overall length:                                            415 mm 
Effective length:                                          305 mm 
Pivot to stylus length:                                300 mm 

Maximum back clearance:                        120 mm 
Record clamp height clearance:                 30 mm 
Effective tonearm mass 
with carbon shell:                                           21.8 g 
Effective tonearm mass 
with aluminum shell:                                     22.8 g 
Carbon shell mass:                                           5.6 g 
Aluminum shell mass:                                     6.6 g 
Balancing weights mass:                          90-120 g 
Signal cables (33AWG):                             Descadel 
Ground cables(44AWG):                            Kerrigan 
Tonearm output connection:                           RCA 
Height range:                                           14-48 mm

Cartridge weight:                                            3-30 g 

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ViRa new model 4RT is in production from January 2018
  RT-4 specifications for  9" ,10.5", 12" wands

Overall length:                                                                      245-290-315 mm
Effective length:                                                                    235-280-305 mm
Pivot to stylus length:                                                          232-275-300 mm
Maximum back clearance:                                                                 120 mm
Record clamp height clearance:                                                          10 mm       
Effective tonearm mass with aluminum shell:                 11.0- 11.2-11.6 g
Balancing weights mass:                                                                    90-120 g
Signal cables (33AWG):                                                                      Descadel
Ground cables(44AWG):                                                                     Kerrigan      
Tonearm output connection:                                                                    RCA
Height range:                                                                                     14-40 mm
Mounting distance:                                                                                  xxmm
Cartridge weight:                                                                                  3.5-30 g

Please contact for pricing and dealer's quote